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11 years old develops roblox video game to educate peers about mental health

2019-10-16 12:04:16

 An 11-year-old Montreal boy has developed a video game aimed at reducing stigma and educating his peers about mental health, an initiative his mother says has helped him navigate the loss of his father.

He created the game inside the gaming platform “Roblox.”  His game allows players to navigate their characters through the journey of depression.


Jumping over gray blocks that represent depression, users are presented with different facts and figures about mental health, including messages like “depression is a disease; it is not a person’s fault.”

When he was just two-years-old, his father died by suicide after struggling with mental illness. Though he wasn’t old enough to understand the circumstances of his father’s death, his mother, Paula Toledo, made it her life’s mission to navigate the intricacies of mental health with her young sons.

Toledo already has plans to enhance his game and continue developing new ways to help others.  He reportedly hopes to reduce stigma, teach his peers about the importance of mental health and encourage them to seek help when it’s needed.

As Luke and his mother continue to work on the game together, Higgins says she hopes games like this will help bring families together.

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