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2K or Live? You Need to Choose One from Them Now!

2017-10-11 09:15:23

Why we buy both of them or just split the cost with our friends for the duopoly basketball games? First of all, even you like both of the games, you won’t have enough time to play both of them either. Both game has competitive online mode, and require long-term cultivation upon squads. For example, if you play five matches per day for one game with 3 hours, you will need 6 hours per day to complete two games, will you have enough time to look after the two squads? Needless to say the chaos on gameplay brings about by the different control feeling and physical engine.

What interested me about The One was the admittedly very clever choices it makes to differentiate itself from NBA 2K‘s monolithic MyCareer mode.
When it comes to bringing back some competition to the basketball video game genre, EA took inspiration from non-sports genres to mold its progression and character customization systems with NBA Live 18. These outside influences--which are represented in the game's career mode called The One--help overshadow EA Sports' standard issue modes like Ultimate Team and Franchise. And with the long-overdue inclusion of the WNBA, NBA Live returns to the court from a one-year hiatus with a respectable game, even if it's not a complete package at the levels of EA's more stable sports franchises.
Like the NBA players, the team behind NBA Live 18 did head scans of major players, including Maya Moore, Brittney Griner, Diana Taurasi, Tina Charles, Sylvia Fowles, Alisha Gray, Chelsea Gray, Jonquel Jones, and Alyssa Thomas. 2017 WNBA Draft first pick Kelsey Plum did the motion capture sessions.

NBA 2K is known for its dense, often intimidating reliance on tactics and gameplanning, particularly with more recent entries. It features a dizzing array of dribbles, post moves, and shots, and expertly captures the feel of the NBA's biggest stars. When you're playing NBA 2K, you feel like you're playing against Steph Curry, or going head-to-head against the real Cavaliers.
As sports video games have become more complicated, their potential base of consumers has in some ways become more limited. Whether it's someone who is brand new to the games, doesn't have a lot of time to dedicate to them or doesn't have expert-level knowledge of the sport, many have felt left behind or shut out in recent years.
NBA Live's The One does a good job crafting a story that included single-player and multiplayer options with street and traditional NBA play. The scope of The One pales in comparison to The Neighborhood, but execution matters, and EA Sports hasn't had as many issues since release.

Users spend currency on reward crates that increase in diversity as your hype builds in the league and on the streets. Each crate has some mixture of apparel, shoes, accessories, or tattoos that you earn randomly. You can see the 10 items in each crate before buying, but getting the item you want is a crapshoot. To get that pair of Jordan Future Lows, you may end up spending thousands on thumb and finger wraps you have no intention of using. You can’t simply buy the pair of shoes or tattoo you want until you rank way up, and then you pay a premium for the available items. I’d prefer to see the crate system abolished in favor of a straightforward store that lets you buy what you want when you want. That flexibility would result in much more interesting outfits on the competitive courts as well. Right now, most players look like YMCA pick-up game players with hodge-podge outfits lacking any vision or flare.
The conclusion is obviously inclined to NBA 2K18, but both of them are masterpiece. As a two-year vacant franchise, we shall say, the NBA Live 18 have more collectible value. If you have any other good idea upon this topic, you can email us. We also sell cheap NBA Live 18 Coins for you. Thank you for you viewing!
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