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5 Best Defenders in NBA Live Mobile

2017-03-27 08:54:35

Basketball isn’t a game of dunking only, it is a collision among two thoughts. Excellent offense makes you win the match, while excellent defense makes you the champion. In order to make up a decent defensive line in NBA Live Mobile, you should make sure you’ve got at least one of those players who we’d like to introduce to you.

Dikembe Mutombo
Dikembe Mutombo is commonly regarded as on of the greatest shot blockers and defensive players of all time, winning the NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award 4 times. He surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the second most prolific shot blocker in NBA history. He averaged 2.8 blocks and 10.3 rebounds per game.

Bill Russell
Bill Russell is widely considered one of the best players in NBA history. He’s famous for his shot-blocking and man-to-man defense especially for his unusual style of defense. “To play good defense, you had to stay flatfooted at all times to react quickly.” He said. He is a beast in defense and very active in offense, quite fast Center and fantastic Dunker.

Hakeem Olajuwon
He is a complete and versatile defender for his agility, strength, speed, and arm armspan. Recent study shows that he is the best playoff player ever. By winning his second straight NBA Finals MVP award, Hakeem Olajuwon became the sixth player to win the award on multiple occasions.

Dennis Rodman
Born in May 13th, 1961, he was nicknamed “The Worn” and was known for his fierce defensive and rebounding abilities. The “worm” was simply one of a kind on defense, Jordan was the one who got Rodman to come to the bulls because he hated playing against him.

Scottie Pippen
He was one of the best defender on a team that had Jordan and Rodman! Micheel Jordan and Scottie Pippen were both selected for the 1996 NBA All-Star Game, as Jordan led the league in scoring with 30.4 point per game. Fans tend to underrate Scottie, partly because he played next to the greatest player ever.
All above players are special at defending both in NBA and NBA Live Mobile!
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