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Animal Crossing: New Horizons player creates their own 3D-printed robot to spam buttons and craft fish

2020-10-16 14:13:15

Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons is incredibly popular, being the most-discussed game on Twitter this year. One of the reasons for that is a new addition to the series: DIY crafting. While the concept of creating one's own decorations to populate a deserted island is undoubtedly a net positive for New Horizons' reception and longevity, one of the system's biggest pitfalls is how it hinders the creation of tools.

Redditor Jswing42 decided to solve his fish bait problem by working up the 3D-printed robot you see above. It's capable of working up 1 new fish bait every 12 seconds. If you've grown tired of doing the button work yourself, this could be a great solution. Or...you could get a controller with a turbo button and just rest something heavy on it. Whatever floats your boat!

For the uninitiated, a piece of bait spawns one fish in any ocean, pond, or river across a player's island. This is helpful for anyone seeking out one of Animal Crossing: New Horizons' seasonal rare fish or looking for high points in a Fishing Tourney, but having a lot is necessary because spawning is random. The button-pressing robot, shown off on the r/NintendoSwitch subreddit Sunday, makes it easier to stock up on supplies.

This trick would work on any DIY item, but fishing bait is likely what Animal Crossing: New Horizons players need in bulk most often, which creates a monotonous loop of digging up Manila Clams and spamming the 'A' button. Carrier posted the instructions for how any able and interested party can create their own robot to Thingiverse, saying it "crafts Fish Bait ... in about 12 seconds (about 8 minutes for a full inventory)."

If Nintendo does not implement a quality of life adjustment to make bulk crafting an official function, self-made robotics seems to be the best way for players to avoid the monotony of bait crafting. The lacking local co-op functionality of New Horizons makes it impossible for players to add on a second pair of hands to cut down on craft time.At least there's plenty to do for those who are not interested in filling out the fish wing of their museum. The latest Animal Crossing has gotten people's creative juices flowing, and island facelifts creating other gaming locales like Melemele Island from Pokemon Sun and Moon can be found all over the Internet. Stay tuned to 5mmo.com and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Stone for players.
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