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Escape from Tarkov is currently going through a gold rush

2020-05-07 09:30:21

Escape from Tarkov is currently going through a gold rush, of sorts. The online multiplayer shooter, which launched its ongoing closed beta back in July 2017, is more popular than ever. Twitch streams for Escape from Tarkov are more popular than ever and only growing. The visibility is drawing in more and more players, even though the game hasn't been released on Steam yet. But with growth comes growing pains, as this weekend's game crashes and errors show.

Quite a few players are having ongoing issues with the game this weekend due to Escape from Tarkov servers being crowded. The issue, according to players, involves the game crashing and a "403" error being delivered as the reason. Players are then unable to log back into the game for a period of time afterward. They are eventually able to log back in, but there's no clear indication of when things are fixed.

The official statement from Battlestate Games says that the problem is being dealt with, but there is still no timeframe as to when things will be resolved. According to them, the game is experiencing "backend error" caused by the number of players in a crowded server during the weekends. If you want to Buy Escape from Tarkov Roubles, we 5mmo.com can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

The way to counter this error, according to Battlestate Games would be to wait at least 5 to 10 minutes before officially restarting the game to be able to play. The errors are slowly being fixed, and Battlestate Games is doing its best to improve its servers to offer better gameplay for everyone.

Tarkov has shortly become the fans’ favorite after its recent success on Twitch, the leading live streaming platform. Multiple well-known streamers such as DrDisrespect, Timthetatman, Cohhcarnage, and more have decided to give this game a chance. Most likely, we’re about to see Fortnite players jumping on the same bandwagon as them.The most important thing at this very moment is that Tarkov is getting an astounding amount of love, and the developer BSG is currently working on a server infrastructure upgrade to meet the player demands.
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