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Facundo Campazzo arrived at NBA 2K21

2020-12-24 14:58:21

Buy NBA 2K21 MT Facundo Campazzo generated a revolution since his arrival in Denver. Not only because he was fulfilling his dream of playing in the NBA, according to him, but also because of the appreciation of his own teammates, who quickly dubbed him "Spider-Man" and who rave about him. As if all that were not enough, while he waits to make his official debut in the season (tonight against the Sacramento Kings) a new fact occurred that will make everyone happy: his official inclusion in NBA 2K21.

"I can not explain the happiness I have. I am anxious and very excited. I will give it my all. Thanks for the opportunity, Nuggets!", The guard posted on his Twitter account, once the signing was made official.

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November 19: When a European basketball star arrives in the NBA at an advanced stage of his career, there are always questions around his arrival. Facundo Campazzo is Argentinian, but it is indeed a true monster of Euroleague and the Spanish championship who will live his first experience in the United States in a few weeks. According to Eurohoops, the leader of the Albiceleste, who had been one of the executioners of the France team during the last World Cup, is close to engaging with the Denver Nuggets.

With his number 7 on his back and a somewhat generic face, Campazzo appears in the position of Point Guard, that is, point guard. His statistics, however, are somewhat controversial, since he has a timid average of 73 points, somewhat below his qualities, which allowed him to show off with Real Madrid in the Euroleague last season.

The footprint that Campazzo leaves is indelible and beyond his superlative individual level, it is mainly based on collective achievements: two Euroleague titles, three ACB titles, two Copa de Rey titles and four Spanish Super Cups. In addition, he stayed with the MVP of the 2019 ACB Final, as well as the Most Valuable of the 2019 and 2020 Super Cups. Will he continue to add for his showcase in Denver?

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