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Five Steps to Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins on Nbamobilestore.com

2017-09-18 09:34:03

Fir of all, If you don’t know which Auction House you are in, please follow the guides on Google, that can be easily done.
Q: Do I need to register a account on your site?
A: No. The account of our web only used to receive holiday & festival coupons and stock member points to exchange free coins. To make a valid order, you just need to provide your Email, game account, and pay to validate it.
Q: How long is transaction in average?
A: 30 mins to 2 hours, averages at 1 hour. When in holiday it may put off to no longer than 24 hrs.
Q: How to initial a refund if I won’t receive the purchases?
A: Provide your order number to our online service and wait for verification, if with no reply within 24 hrs, please email us at: Support@FUTVIP.COM. The refund will be transacted no more than 7 workdays.
Five Steps to Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins for your account
Step 1 : Login our website: https://www.nbamobilestore.com/, and then you will be shown the following screen.
Step 2: Select your Auction House.
Step 3: In this page, you are supposed to choose the quantity of the NBA Live Mobile. When the quantity goes up, the price per unit goes down.
Step 4: Type your coupon code: MMOCSVIP in the blank, you can get 3%-off discount. And following identity information including Account ID, Email, player ID etc. Check it before submit, the Email are the only method we contact you and to receive refund.
Step 5: At last, you need to pay for the bill.
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