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Has NBA Live Mobile Redeemed Market Shares for EA Sports Lost in NBA Live 2K

2017-05-20 08:54:23

2K has dominated the basketball video game with its NBA 2K series which contributed to the failure of EA Sports. NBA Live 2K of EA Sports has ever been stopped operating once a time. Luckily, the publishers of EA has never given up to improve and guard its glory in ball games. So NBA Live Mobile(IOS/ Android )came into our sight. And based on the mobile device, it is available to all net citizens , especially it is a blessing to someone that can’t afford a game console.

nba live mobile

The Ranks of NBA Live Mobile By Now Since Its Publication
It has reached top one in almost 8 app stores. First it is popular among the North Americans. And then it was spread to Canada, Japan ,Korea , Hong Kong,Taiwan, Spain, and even Greece.What’s more, it is known to others for different titles. In North America, it is the NO.1 of all games on mobile device. It wins in the sports game in Canada.Japanese people are fond of it because it is free while in Greece it defeated other simulation games.

Details Determine
An excellent masterpiece must concentrate on details. NBA Live Mobile are not an exception.Except its effort made on the choice of the cover athlete, it paid much more attention to the settings. Players can decide to choose different line up. For example, the classic small ball and defensive lineups. And the points of players will be influenced differently according to his lineup. This is a supplement to people’s high or low ability presented in different fields. That makes the game more funny and realistic.

nba live mobile-small ball

NBA Live Mobile— A Product of Fast-food Culture (Main Stream of Contemporary world)
Fast-food Culture has long ago invaded our life. From our instant noodles, electronic books to our note computers and palmtops.Fast-food culture is not just a symbol of negative effect. Every rose has thorns. At least, it helps us to live a more convenient life. NBA Live Mobile caters to the main stream mean it canters to the flavor of most people.So it also helps to have a wonderful counterattack in the basketball game. 

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