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Kritika:REBOOT Teases New Female Warrior Class For The First Time

2020-02-19 13:35:41

Developer All-M today announced the arrival of a new class in the Korean server of Kritika, the Female Warrior. Yes I do know that the class name is pretty lazy, but she is the first main class added since the Monk quite a number of years ago. In case you did not know, All-M has added many “side classes” into the game during this period of time. While the original Warrior wields a giant blade, Female Warrior is more graceful with a sword on the battlefield. Expect proper class advancements to be added in the near future!

It would appear that developer ALLM is busy making sure that Kritika:REBOOT is still very much alive in its native Korea as well. A new trailer has dropped showcasing a female version of the Warrior class, which marks the first time in years since a new primary class has been introduced to the action combat MMO.

Unlike the male Warrior, who relies more on berzerking power in a very Sol Badguy sort of way, the female Warrior seems to favor swift and precise strikes with a more elegant katana weapon. Basically, she’s a samurai lady unleashing high-speed steely hell. Or, to extend the previous game comparison, she’s a lot like Baiken. A release date for this new class is yet to be announced, but we’re likely not going to be seeing her arrive to the Western version soon. In addition, our site z2u.com has a large quantity of safe Kritika REBOOT Gold For Sale.

On the subject of the Western version, there have been a couple of updates including a sizeable one that added the 2nd Awakenings for a large variety of classes and a monster wave survival mode, and another that has fixed an auction house search bug. Be sure to check each individual patch notes link for all the details, but not before you watch the female Warrior carve up some fools.

There’s no word on whether she’ll be making the transition to the English version of the game on Steam, but you’d have to think that will be happening sooner rather than later. If Kritika wants to re-establish itself in the West, it will need to make moves, and make them fast. The game was surprisingly popular upon its return in November, but it’s already bled off a third of its players since then.
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