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Madden NFL 22 PC gamer missing out on some next-gen features

2021-07-09 14:22:21

Madden NFL 22 is going to be here in less than two months, and EA has released a new video detailing some of its new Dynamic Gameday features via producer and former NFL player Clint Oldenburg.

Madden NFL 22 developer EA Sports has confirmed that the game will prioritise next-gen consoles – with PC gamers missing out on some next-gen features.Next-gen stats, better AI, stadium atmosphere, and improved movement were all touted as part of the ‘dynamic gameday’ feature of Madden NFL 22 – coming to the next-gen version of the game.

When Next-Gen Features is Madden 22 PC Missing?
As Sports Gamers Online reports (via Reddit), the Madden 22 PC version will not have the next-gen features that are debuting for the franchise on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The specific features in question are the Madden 22's Next Gen Stats Star Driven AI, Gameday Atmosphere, and Next Gen Movement 2.0.

EA says gameplay is informed by Next Generation stats and AI with stats changing through the real world season. The game, which stars Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes as cover athletes, is looking to bounce back from a terrible Madden 21 instalment and is available to preorder now.

In the video deep dive, Oldenburg outlines three major components of Dynamic Gameday: gameday atmosphere, gameday momentum, and Next Gen Stats Star Driven AI. These features are only available on Xbox Series X|S and PS5, so those still gaming on Xbox One and PS4 shouldn't expect a radically different experience.

Dynamic Gameday aims to make every game and even every play feel distinct and unique, and for those who have poured dozens of hours into any sports game, they know that games can start to blend together.

Oldenburg said that over the last two years, more than 80% of Madden games were played against the computer, and with Next Gen Stats Star-Driven AI, these have received an upgrade. These will make them act more like their real-world counterparts and more like the players they're based on, affecting how they make decisions under pressure, how well they throw while on the run, how well ball-carriers can break tackles, and many more situations. Teams have their own AI tendencies, too, like the Steelers' blitz-heavy defense and the run-heavy Ravens offense.

Either way, PC fans have been vocal with their disappointment, especially as PC players only started getting Madden NFL games again in 2019.

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