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Might and Delight have released Book of Travels first-ever gameplay trailer

2021-02-27 11:55:12

Might And Delight of Shelter series fame have been working on the lovely online game Book Of Travels that they call a TMO or "tiny multiplayer online" game which I very much hope becomes a thing. They've just revealed a whole half hour of gameplay narrated by creative director Jakob Tuchten who, much to my delight, spends nearly a third of the time in the character creator.

After around four years of work, Might and Delight have released Book of Travels' first-ever gameplay trailer. It's the first time that backers—and wider fans—have seen the game in action. Since Book of Travels is not your traditional MMORPG, Might and Delight’s art director, Jakob Tuchten, acts as a narrator through the video, taking us through the peaceful world of Braided Shore. We get to see the character creator, how the game's magic system works, all about trading, and of course, some lovely scenery.

Book of Travels is a fantasy game with a serene online RPG experience. The players have to go through deep forest and explore it while interacting with various objects and perhaps, animals. Also, they can feel free to travel to the cities of Braided Shore peninsula.

What’s unique about the fantasy world is that it’s a hand-drawn world where the player has to solve the mission and go through the game. The players can meet new friends there and team up with them to solve the mystery.

Book of Travels has taken traditional aspects of online RPGs and reimagined them in a very Might and Delight way. Judging on the overwhelming success of their on-going Kickstarter campaign, both fans and those not familiar with the studio’s work have been spellbound by the strange, whimsical idea of a serene RPG.


    Authentic role-playing and individual play styles.
    The boundless narrative that won’t hold your hand.
    TMO: Tiny Multiplayer Online.
    A beautiful world of uncertainty.
    Communicate using symbols.
    Innovative RPG systems.
    The world is a hand-painted diorama.
    Committing to the world, together.

Might And Delight say that Book Of Travels will enter early access sometime in 2021. You can find it on Steam in the meantime.

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