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NBA 2K18: Three New Teams Standing Out From Crowd

2017-08-28 17:21:32

Adding new team is one of the biggest features in NBA 2K18. Based on ordinary performance, some team would have no opportunity to join in next edition, some which are unknown to audience will become famous in the latest edition. So, it’s the team strength that decide promotion and elimination. Now, there are five team which have been confirmed to add to NBA 2K18, they are totally new to all of us. Here we will introduce them exactly.
2013-14 San Antonio Spurs


It focuses on the comprehensive development of players. In other word, players in every position get almost equal scores, only a few points differences. No best palyer, no worst players. This team knocked off the final LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh Miami Heat team in the NBA Finals due to comprehensive strength.
These Spurs had six players in total, among them, Tony Parker is the leading player in this game, he got 16.7 points in every contest which made him one of the most powerful person in NBA 2K game world. Tim Duncan, a 37 years old male player got 15.1 points ranked second. However, a 22-year-old boy, called Kawhi Leonard shocked every one by his extraordinary performance, you know, he just scored 12.9 per game in the regular season. Now, he becomes a superstar in the NBA Finals.
2015-16 Golden State Warriors


The Warriors team that set the single-season record for wins fell short of their championship goals, but they still deserve to be recognized for their accomplishment. The Steph Curry for this team should be rated a 99 overall. He won his second straight league MVP in what has been the best statistical year of his already Hall-of-Fame career. 
Curry led the league in scoring, steals and free-throw percentage at 30.1, 2.1 and 91 percent, respectively. He shot 50 percent from the field despite taking 11.4 threes per night, draining 45 percent of his shots from deep. He was an absolute cheat code. The team also had Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut, which differentiates it from last year's title-winning club.
2012-13 Indiana Pacers


These Pacers couldn’t topple the Heatles, but a 22-year-old Paul George pushed Miami to seven games in the Eastern Conference Finals. George Hill, David West and Roy Hibbert helped George and the Pacers play blistering defense. The team allowed just 90.7 points per game that season and came 48 minutes away from an NBA Finals berth.
The country began to understand how good George was and could become in this head-to-head battle with James.
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