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NBA 2K22 has prepared a small but rewarding event for Halloween

2021-11-01 11:00:29

Happy Halloween! It’s Halloween and most games celebrate the day with special in-game events. Hopefully, NBA 2K22 is not an exception and Visual Concepts has prepared a small but rewarding event for Halloween in the last-gen version of NBA 2K22.

In the midst of NBA 2K22 Season 2: Build Your Empire, 2K, and Visual Concepts are getting set to bring MyCareer players two separate Halloween events depending on what platform they are playing the game on.

The procedure is simple. This allows you to use one or two different locations on the ship to find a trick or treat bag. There are 8 bags you can collect in total, and each will give you a reward. It may be cosmetics, or an attribute upgrade, a VC-in-game currency or something else.

Neighborhood gets Ghostly Gallows NBA 2K22 Halloween event
If you’re on current-gen consoles, The Neighborhood is the place to be for an NBA 2K22 Halloween event involving your MyPlayer. Gamers with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch can go onboard the Cancha Del Mar cruise ship. That’s where they’ll find the Ghostly Gallows event, which is now in progress.

That means Double XP for wearing your favorite Halloween fits and you can Trick or Treat around The City as well.

Gamers can pick up Halloween-themed items by visiting Swags on the Cancha Del Mar. Once there, find the option for Halloween and browse through the various offerings. Among them are animated tee-shirts, pumpkin masks, wizard hats, funny glasses, and skeleton-themed pants.

NBA 2K22 Trick or Treat Locations
  •     Deck 4 Lobby: In front of the self-service bar in the main lobby next to the MyTeam badge
  •     Deck 4 Lobby: Inside a plant in front of a pillar next to the circular stairs at the center of the Lobby.
  •     Deck 4 Lobby: Enter the Gallery and you will find the Trick or Treat in front of the small pool in the entrance, behind the REC sign.
  •     Deck 4, Promenade: Check the green door next to the New Balance door.
  •     Deck 16, Moat: Check the bushes next to Zipline.
  •     Deck 16, Airball: Check the backpack in front of the second pillar.
  •     Deck 15, Deuces: Check near the diving board next to the pool.
  •     Deck 15, Gatorade Facility: In front of a circular rope next to the furthest cannon in the right hand side, before you enter the Gatorade Facility.

For those on NBA 2K22 Next Gen, the City will reportedly be blanketed by darkness as part of The Long Night beginning on Sunday, Oct. 31. All day long, next-gen players can similarly search in the dark to receive banners, consumables, VC and more across what's said to be over 30 houses and store locations that will turn into trick-or-treat locations around the City.

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