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NBA LIVE 18, enjoying a pure basketball feast

2017-12-06 14:44:19

“NBA LIVE” by the world’s leading game development and distribution company EA to develop and restore the real NBA schedule and stadium handheld 5V5 basketball control unique player trading system the formation of All-Star team bring the ultimate basketball experience. For more information please pay attention to the official micro channel public number: nbalivemobile.

NBA LIVE Mobile Games once launched in more than 100 countries on the App Store all showed varying degrees of strength which is enough to witness the NBA’s popularity in the world and the degree of basketball in the daily life of people Important position. This time national dress ads stationed in the regular season NBA games in particular reflects the “NBA LIVE” national dress version of the domestic hot degree as well as to show the world the enthusiasm of Chinese fans.

“NBA LIVE” rely on the NBA rules as the yardstick to create a nearly harsh real NBA games to restore to a great extent on the mobile terminal to show the unique charm of NBA events. In the game experience players can fully feel the game atmosphere in the NBA arena and the game is the main real control game mode it is NBA game that gunpowder full basketball interpretation of the most vividly. Card bit steal sprint dunk blocks and so a series of basketball tactics and tactics will be manipulated by the player himself fast paced compact race can be described as secondhand in the current competitive sports tournament.

In addition to fighting the game the player will also play the team’s operators and decision makers. Players trading transfer to join player training daily training etc. these develop a class of strategic play the story behind the NBA has been fully demonstrated to give players a complete NBA arena. Unique global player auction system will deduce the reality of possible NBA events impossible retired basketball giants and active stars with the same athletics which in turn will show the majority of NBA fans what kind of basketball feast?

NBA Live 18 is a basketball immersive video game developed by EA Canada published by EA Sports in 2017. Unveiled information revealed the game features abundant new content which is totally different from from predecessor the NBA Live 16. There’re a chain of game modes for gamers: The One Franchise Ultimate Team correspond to career mode quick mode and online mode of traditional sports game. Full of innovation!

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