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NBA Live 18 Career Mode The One Explanation

2017-10-10 08:48:37

When I first saw the title “The One” in August, I even don’t know what the heck it is after enough searching for references and help information on official website EA Sports. Actually it’s just a name of this franchise’s new career mode. We know past versions merely include simple tutorial levels. When you get familiar with the button settings, the dribbling, shooting, dunking and passing operations, the “story” ended. Now you can enjoy a full version of a rookie basketballer in NBA, you take the character to the top of the NBA. It’s a multi-ending story mode, every single choice you made will contribute to the ending correspond.


Do you remember the last time you played an entry in the NBA Live series? Me either. More or less off the radar for about a decade at this point, the series is back in the public eye this year with NBA Live 18, a basketball sim with a clear desire to leave the series’ average reputation behind.
If you aren’t satisfied with the ending of the “The One” mode you reached in, you can also delete the file and recreate your character from the ground up. You can deliberately select the selections you are not interested in or not followed your real intention to fell another way of your character.

The One follows EA Sports' positive trend of featuring story-driven single player career modes. Although its premise of a derailed athlete making a comeback echoes this year's Madden campaign, don't expect a similarly heartfelt narrative and Telltale Games' inspired designs. The One is less about physical recuperation and more about the rebuilding of one's personal brand, based on how well you respond to trash talk and court challenges. It underscores how professional basketball culture has evolved with social media.
After all, The One is a duplication of FIFA 17 The Journey, and its destiny should be making an another legend in basketball simulation game industry rather than surpass its archetype, which seems hopeless currently. Most of gamers who bought the NBA Live commented that: It looks like FIFA 17 career mode, it’s just a copy-and-paste work without substantial innovations. I totally agree with that. Not only the NBA Live 18, but also FIFA 18 are traced the old path with minor decoration and tweaks.

NBA Live 18 makes use of a nice ESPN broadcast package for its halftime and postgame shows, but it's light years behind NBA 2K18's incredibly polished and high-quality presentation and commentary. I'm constantly struck by the care put into NBA 2K's videos: the way that they'll accentuate big games; the way your MyCareer player will be interviewed by the Inside the NBA team after a big game; the way that the openings are almost always different. Frankly, EA doesn't come close in any of its games.
Under those parameters, "NBA Live 18" should be considered a success. It has delivered fun gameplay, a compelling, well-designed career mode and authentic ESPN presentation. Unfortunately, it comes up short in just about every other area, especially in regards to its Franchise mode.
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