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NBA Live 18 Focus More on Animation and Lighting Rather Than Frostbite Engine

2017-07-12 17:29:36

NBA Live 18 information has recently been spread out through YouTubers who attended an EA event. Apparently, the upcoming NBA Live 18 won’t be using the Frostbite Engine unlike the other EA Sports titles. NBA Live 18’s graphics are also impressive but its animations can be strange and stiff at times.

Still Using Ignite Engine
According to Agent 00’s video, EA is still using the Ignite game engine in NBA Live 18. However, Agent 00 admits that this was second-hand information and EA representatives refused to reveal it to him. It might take a couple of years for EA to make an NBA Live entry on the current Frostbite Engine. The Ignite Engine has been EA’s choice game engine for their sports titles like FIFA, Madden, and NBA Live since 2013.
Frostbite Engine Generation
EA’s FIFA 17 was made using the Frostbite Engine, which brought large graphical and animation improvements to the game. However, FIFA 17 was still considered inferior to Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 when it comes to overall gameplay performance. EA has been using the Frostbite engine for their Battlefield series but they may need few years to use it well on all their sports games.
Animation and Lighting Problems

Agent 00 also points out animation and lighting problems in the NBA Live 18 build presented at the event. Agent 00 notes that James Harden’s cross over dribbling looks too stiff and unnatural for a basketball player. The YouTuber also points out that it could be worse for other characters as Harden is an NBA superstar.
Additionally, he mentions about lighting problems that make characters look worse than usual. Agent 00 claimed that Harden looked far “worse” when lighting issues struck NBA Live 18’s behind closed doors gameplay demonstration. It’s worth noting that the build shown is still in its development stages, hence these problems could be ironed out before its Fall 2017 launch.
Direct Competition
2K has been successful enough with their own NBA 2K series that it has been the best choice for a basketball game. Even Saber Interactive pushed out NBA Playgrounds early to avoid competing against NBA 2K18.
2K’s next NBA game, NBA 2K18, is scheduled for release this coming September 19. EA needs to improve NBA Live 18 if they don’t want their game to be pushed to obscurity. For now, we can just wait how EA’s NBA Live 18 plays out in its complete version.

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