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NBA Live 18 getting better in the right direction

2017-12-16 11:28:21

The NBA Live franchise has a daunting task in front of it. NBA 2K has dominated the NBA video game market much like Madden has dominated the NFL video game market for the better part of a decade. 2K fans are passionate and loyal. It’s going to take a lot for that fanbase to switch teams.

In some ways NBA Live has done this to themselves. The list of debacles here are nearly endless. There was the NBA Elite cancellation. Then there was the on-again off-again nature of their release schedule. It hasn’t felt like a competition if we’re being honest until now. NBA Live 18 is good and that’s a win for basketball fans everywhere.

Offensively NBA Live introduced a new shot meter that doesn’t appear groundbreaking at first glance and it’s certainly not the first shot meter to appear in an NBA video game but it might just be the most satisfying. If you time the shot meter right it’ll glow green and the satisfaction of knowing a shot is likely going in before you see it go in is very reminiscent of real basketball. Sometimes a shot just feels good and when you land a perfect on NBA Live’s shot meter you’ll get a rush similar to when you’re playing real ball and you know a shot is going in before you see it drop. The meter is both easy to see while basketball is happening on screen and discrete enough that is doesn’t distract you from the action. It just works.

The gameplay isn’t perfect. Some animations are a little funky and the ball can bounce around on passes in an unrealistic manner. Overall the control scheme is pretty simple. Simplicity isn’t a bad thing but if you’re looking for deeper basketball experience you might be a little disappointed. It worked for me and I feel comfortable saying this is the best NBA Live has ever felt on the court.

The One NBA Live’s answer to NBA 2K18’s MyCareer mode is totally fine if that’s the kind of video game basketball experience you’re looking for. My issue with both The One and MyCareer is that I just don’t like controlling one player. I’d much prefer taking control of an entire team managing substitution patterns calling plays timeouts and the strategy of video game basketball. You can’t do that when you’re controlling one player and the A.I. in NBA Live 18 wasn’t spectacular enough to change my opinion.

With that being said I’ll applaud EA Sports for how they presented the early parts of The One. Like I mentioned earlier the First Take analysis is nice dressing and the introductory videos for different pickup locations like Rucker Park or Drew League are really well-made.

Where NBA Live struggles is in its franchise and Ultimate Team modes. There isn’t anything compelling or out of the ordinary going on here. If you’ve played one of EA Sports’ Ultimate Team modes in the past you know exactly what to expect and NBA Live 18’s franchise mode is pretty barebones when compared to NBA 2K18’s offerings.

On the whole it feels as though NBA Live went light on different modes in favor of beefing up their gameplay and that approach makes a lot of sense. You can have all the interesting modes in the world but if the game isn’t fun to play none of that matters. Fortunately for EA Sports NBA Live 18 is fun to play. This installment of the NBA Live franchise is definitely something worth building on. Here’s to hoping EA sticks with Live this go-around and doesn’t take any more years off. If NBA Live is good it’ll only push NBA 2K to be better. Competition is a good thing regardless of which game you support and with NBA Live 18 we’re finally on the cusp of real competition.

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