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NBA Live 18 v1.07 Patch Note Explanation

2017-11-23 09:12:36

NBA Live 18 has been released for more than two months, and the game has been exposed with many glitches and bugs: the frame rate, connection error, profile missing, and player animation glitches. All problems lingering on developer’s mind for such a long time. But today, the developer finally conquer all the problems and release the v1.07 patch for addressing all those issues above. After the v1.06 patches, there’re still many errors in the game, that surely influenced gamer’s gaming passion, and hinder this series defeat their old adversary the 2k series. As the 2k18 is working well as always, the query upon nba live series has been aroused again. Whether the two years preparation are deserve or a waste of time. Let us know from the following patch note. We Nbamobilestore.com also provide our professional nba live 18 gamer’s understand of the patch. Cut the crap, let’s go.


NBA Live 18 Patch 1.07

Details of NBA Live 18 v1.07 Update
1. Fixed an issue of menu display glitch.
2. Fixed an issue of connection error of EA server.
3. Fixed an issue of a reward glitch that caused it unacceptable.
4. Fixed an issue of shooting glitches for created players.
5. Fixed an issue of player’s aims have a rare chance to be reset.
6. Fixed an issue of Lonzo Ball signature in LUT.
7. Add the 3v3 Live Run game for gamers to play online or with friends.
8. Add some new jerseys for LUT.
9. Add some new transaction functions for LUT.
10. Improve the game’s general stability and frame rate.
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1. Do not resist the update and new contents, just cater for the new elements, sine it’s an online game you need to keep your app updated to login the game. Although the new added contents ain’t attractive and sometimes even not work stable. We need to accept it since we’ve no right to decide update or not if we decide to continue the game.
2. Read the patch note carefully, chances are always waiting for the people who are full prepared. The patch note lists all the new features and, shall we say, the brief tutorial for the new gameplay. It won’t appear at the second time you login so do not skip it directly if you want to miss some treasures.
3. Play real basketball more than the electronic version is the most important. That is putting the cart before the horse. More practically, without real basketball experience, you won’t understand the true meaning of the sport forever.
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