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NBA Live Mobile: Best Budget Players

2017-03-13 09:18:56

NBA Live Mobile is EA Sports series sports game which was released on July 6, 2016. In this game, you are supposed to act as the team manager to direct your team for competition on after another or playing online with friends or opponents all over the world. But how to create a comparatively strong team for the initial stage? Let’s move to the main point.

In this guide we will provide you some of best budget players I highly recommend with each price less than 10k. Classified with each position on field and most competitive ability follows in brackets. Let’s take a look at their image.

Point Guard
Ishmael Smith (Speed, Dribbling, Passing)
C.J Watson (3 Pointer, Passing, Speed)
Elfrid Payton (Speed, Dribbling, Passing, Defense)

Shooting Guard
Eric Gordon (3 Pointer, Dribbling)
Jordan Clarkson (Speed, Dribbling, Passing)
Danny Green (3 Pointer, Defense, Dribbling)

Small Forward
Harrison Barnes (3 Pointer, Defense, Speed)
Kent Bazemore (Speed, Dribbling, Defense)
Chandler Parsons (All around OK)

Power Forward
Nikola Mirotic (3 Pointer, Passing, Speed, Dribbling)
Jabari Parker (Speed, Dribbling, Shooting)
Ersan Ilyasova (3 Pointer, Speed)

Meyers Leonard (3 Pointer, Shooting)
Zaza Pachulia (Defense, Speed, Passing)
Hedo Turkoglu (3 Pointer)
All the players recommended are based on budget and rating mostly. If you’ve already got better players such as Joakim Noah, you can write an advance tutorial and contribute to us Thanks for reading!
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