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NBA Live Mobile: Best Small Ball Lineup Roster

2017-04-28 10:20:06

NBA Live Mobile, features Live Events, Head-to-Head, Season, Friends Matches, Leagues, Team Management, numerous of gameplay the game contains, the free-to-play basketball video game has became the most popular basketball simulation game on the mobile devides. As the name suggests: it's the livest mobile basketball game.
Big Man, Defensive, Two-way, Small Ball, Shooting, which kind of team lineup is best? If you just start the game for a while, this article may lead you to a hightier of the game.
General Guides for NBA Live Mobile Rookies - Lineups
Actually, it depends on your playing style. When I'm in mood to bomb 3s, I use my Shooting and Small-ball lineup. Otherwise, I use Two-way or Big Man. I rarely use my Defensive lineup though.
Small Ball: is a style of play used by a team that sacrifices height, physical strength in favor of a lineup of smaller players for speed, agility and increased scoring.
Two-way: A winger or center who can score goals and produce offensively but can also play as a defender extremely well. They both have ability to score high and to prevent goals or penalties.
Big Man: the center is normally tall and often has a great deal of strength and body mass as well. A Big Man team often sacrifices its speed and flexibility but excels in body strength and height.
Shooting: a regular jump shot or jumper is an attempt to score a basket by jumping, usually straight up, and in mid-jump, propelling the ball in an arc into the basket. Focuses more on offensing, Shooting lineups will always exchange goals with opponents.
Defensive: The team with the ball is called the offense. The team without the ball is called the defense. They try to steal the ball, contest shots, steal and deflect passes, and garner rebounds.
Most Expensive to max out but has the best OVR is Big Man. If you want to grind, this is the team for you.
(Ex. Goal: 92 Westbrook, 90 Drexler, 92 Melo, 90 McHale, 92 Shaq)
Shooting is the 2nd most expensive but may have the best user controlled lineup.
(Ex. Goal: 90 Curry, 92 Harden, 89 Kukoc, 90 Duncan, 90 Yao)
Small Ball is the cheapest to build but may be the 2nd best user controlled lineup.
(Ex. Goal: 89 Stockton, 88 Harden, 93 Lebron, 92 Draymond, 87 Towns)
Two-way is expensive to max out too but it's fun and may have the best Master Player.
(Ex. Goal: 92 Paul, 90 McGrady, 88 LeBron, 87 Duncan, 89 Shaq)
Defensive may be the best AI controlled team as I always have difficulty facing against this lineup. And you may even opt-out to build the master player as it seems to be the less impactful and may mess up AI Play
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