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NBA Live Mobile Blitzing Offensive Tactics

2017-10-08 09:09:39

NBA Live Mobile shares same gameplay and strategy with NBA Live, NBA 2K, and National Basketball Association for their common nature of basketball sports. If you ask me how to improve game skill of either of those games, I would reply you with same answer. But as it is a video game,
Basketball is not an exercise for showing how skillful or talent you are in this sports. It is the coach's job to try to put his team in a situation where they can be successful. Too many coaches try to outsmart than others, rather than beat their opponents.

In sake of win more by advanced tactics and correct operation and decision on team management, you will have to be good at only a few things. Pick a couple of things you think your team is good at and become very good at them. Do not waste the only chance of use temp properties and take more time to work on the things that you use most of the time. Your team members will not only get improved and more comfortable at them, but they will start making their own adjustments, they will start talking to one another and their team play will improve 10 times.
Offenses rely up on their point guards to make things happen. By blitzing the offense’s ball-screen action, the point guard is forced to get rid of the ball before throws off the offense’s timing.

As the point guard dribbles left, the ball dribbler starts higher. Rather than chasing the screener, that player’s defender moves behind and looks to double the ball handler at the top. The ball handler continues toward the top and is met by X5. X1 has fought through the screen to double-team the point guard. X3 shifts into a passing lane. X4 comes high to pressure the screener. X2 replaces X4 as the rim defender. Key points are the only options are to pass to the dribbler or try and force a long pass to a corner. The defense has cut off all options for the offense.
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