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NBA Live Mobile: Mobile Madness Program #4

2017-04-05 08:40:58

The NBA Live Mobile Madness Program has been released for half a month since March 14th and now it moves to the Round 4. Let’s take a look at what happened.
Here is the list of all new Round 4 stardom and Legendary March Madness players.

NBA Live Mobile Madness Program Round #4
Stephen Curry - 95 OVR (Two-Way Lineup; PG)
Kevin Durant - 94 OVR (Big Man Lineup; PF)
Carmelo Anthony - 94 OVR (Defensive Lineup; SF)
J.J. Redick - 92 OVR (Small Ball Lineup; SG)
Tyler Hansbrough - 92 OVR (Shooting Lineup; C)

NBA Live Mobile Madness Legends of March Review
Stephen Curry - 92 OVR (Big Man Lineup; PG)
Carmelo Anthony - 92 OVR (Two-Way Lineup; SF)
Christian Laettner - 92 OVR (Small Ball Lineup; PF)
Patrick Ewing - 92 OVR (Shooting Lineup; C)
Extra Legend Player Challenges
Bill Walton - 96 OVR (Shooting Lineup; C)
Get from packs
Jerry Lucas - 95 OVR (Two-Way Lineup; PF)
1 Legend Trophy
3 1972-Featured Year Collectibles
2 Championship Points Collectibles
1 Number 32 Jersey Collectible
15 Elite Trophies
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