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NBA Live Mobile new card Dwight Howard 14 review

2017-02-27 10:00:40

EA released 93 OVR Throwback Dwight Howard '14 and you can buy and use Dwight Howard card in the game. Here we will bring you the strategy about how to get and use Dwight Howard '14.

93 OVR Throwback Dwight Howard '14
Speed 68, 3 Pointer 23, Defense 91, Dribbling 39, Shooting 84, Passing 40, Special Ability Two Way. 89 Drawing Defensive Foul is too low.
Stats that are about right:
91 Dunk vs Layup Frequency
99 Goofing Tendency
98 Awkwardness with Head Coach
NBA Live Mobile Throwbacks Dwight Howard

Magic Howard was a beast so he probably going to be a 97-99 overall. This card is ok for now, he had pretty good numbers that year for Houston as well. 18.3 PPG 12.1 RPG. Those are Magic-Like numbers. But We'll probably get another Throwback  Dwight Howard (Orlando Magic) thats like a 97-99 overall.
Do the task hrowbacks Dwight Howard:
Make a comeback with Dwight Howard in your Two-Way lineup for a CHANCE at a Throwback plaer.
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