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NBA Live Mobile Patches for Ballers V2.1.1

2017-11-22 09:31:08

Recently, Electronic Arts released the V2.1.1 patch for NBA Live Mobile Basketball. According to James Harden, Houston Rockets’ spiritual leader, commented that this is the only NBA mobile game where it feels like I’m playing as myself. There’s a sure-fire brand-new NBA season with platitudinous gameplay, including:
1. Lead A Top Squad – Play with the team you create and upgrade personally. Act as a team coach or manager, decide all issues and make decisions of operating your club. Manage to capture the spotlight to be the top team in the world.
2. Compete in Live Events – Daily challenges keeps the game content fresh everyday with real-life matchups and season matches. Play the Live Events everyday to grasp all the rewards. You can challenge your friends whenever & wherever you want.
3. Gain Your Rep – Your players are upgradable to be top players. Defeat your adversaries in H2H games to earn Rep. Gameplay skills ain’t everything on the court.


New Features:

1. Bugs Fix – Fix the graphics and display glitches, improve the system work efficiency.
2. Minor Tweaks – Including players rating, user interface layout adjustment, and connection stability. Add some new gameplay content.
3. Frame Rate – Improve the frame rate when in gaming, without graphics quality loss.
1. Spare ROM at least 136 MB for installing.
2. System: iOS 7.0+ or Android 4.0+
NBA Live Mobile V2.1.1 update contents are all here for reference. Have you update your game to the latest version? There’re numerous surprises waiting for you. If you have troubles in upgrading, please uninstall your previous version games entirely.(by uninstall the App itself and clear the caches in sd card and restart your phone)
Download the Latest Game Here: iOS, Android.
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