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NBA Live Mobile POTY Player Chandler Parsons - Is this card worth trying

2017-01-06 17:55:44

May you are familiar with NBA 2K series game. But are you familiar with NBA 2K17 Live Mobile? The app is free on Android and the iOS operating systems. The Prelude download is also free on PSN and Xbox Live. I believe a lot of players would like to try new player cards in the game. And now there is a new choice - Chandler Parsons. Here we will bring you detailed information about Chandler Parsons.

Chandler Parsons
Special Ability = Big Man
Speed = 84
3 Pointer = 88
Defense = 78
Dribbling = 84
Shooting = 86
Passing = 83
91 Chandler Parsons ≈ 91 LeBron James> 88 Kevin Durant> 92 Carmelo Anthony
As a SF, Chandler Parsons is a versatile player when it comes to attack. Midrange Shooting belongs to a top player card list. 96 = Clutch, 92 = Midrange Shooting Ability, 92 = Midrange Shooting Likelihood. I think in the case of pushing, it's totally possible to make him the best Big Man Team starter. Of course, if you want to have the best defense possible, LeBron James is the best option.
At the forum, many players think that he is overrated, as many people do not know him. It's surprising that it's a Player of the Year Card. I think his rating may be even higher. But EA thinks his not that famous and gives him a 91 OVR which just reaches the shreshold. POTY Chandler Parsons is a very worthwhile player card. This card is obviously useful in the field. If you want to replace LBJ or KD, you can just choose him.
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