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NBA Live Mobile : Take to the Auction Like a Duck to Water

2017-05-18 08:50:47

The real fans of a game must understand that a good game is not just a game. It is related to culture, either traditional or modern, social phenomena and even gamers’ personal preference. NBA Live Mobile (IOS/ Android) is such a game aiming at the excellent experience of its gamers.
So what you will obtain in the game is not just about joy nor knowledge of NBA, you will also be taught to be a manager in view of your buying or selling at an auction or at the transfer market.Here is some advice for you to take to the auction like a duck to water.

Selling at an Auction
If you want to sell one of your footballers at an auction, the strategy for determining the price serves as a key to a successful deal.Your price doesn’t need to be too high nor too low. If it is too low, it is possibly that others get the card at a price even below the market price. There should be a 10 percent difference between the selling price and purchase price.

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Bid at an Auction

I believe that none will deny that the bid at an auction needs calmness, courage and wisdom. First, you are supposed to make clear the price. Don’t take 1 million for 10 thousand.Sometimes the miss of one or several 0 will get you into troubles. There has been an unlucky guy who spent 0.7 million on a Draymond Green card. And he misunderstood that it just cost him 70 thousand.So he had to unload his game.Poor guy!If you are trapped in a competition for a card with someone, please keep calm and you’d better know the market price in advance. Don’t waste your coins.The last but not least, keep your screen as clean as you can. Can you imagine that a drop of sweat may cost you ten times the price of the same card.If it does happen, it is useless to regret.

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