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NBA Live Mobile :Three Methods for you to Achieve Victory in Head to Head

2017-05-16 09:14:20

As the market for basketball video game has been dominated by 2K, EA Sports struggled his own way through NBA Live Mobile (IOS/ Android). They have broken up their tradition of updating every version annually as the name suggests. They will improve the game systems and console conditions when the new season is coming. Furthermore, there will be a lot of episodes worth attention in the transferring period of football stars.  And then those will consist of the materials of the game. The most common mode of NBA Live Mobile is H2H or Head to Head which is very appealing for some players due to its contribution to the growth of the number of fans and your game sessions. We provide you with 3 methods for you to win H2H.

Vanquish your Opponents through Console Skills
When the opposite players attack, you need to stand right in front of him and quickly double click  the defensive key. If one time is in vain, then click it more trying to intercept the ball. When it is your turn to attack, you’d better avoid tactical intervention. Especially after the improvement of the game, you will never succeed in shooting at a goal under such circumstance. If you are fond of a three-point shot you need to choose more players who are expert in playing that. Or you have another one solution—breaking through.A quick double click of key for dashing is needed.

nba live mobile-shoot at the goal

Make Use of the Bug
Firstly you must have a better understanding of the system of the game before taking advantage of it. By now the game is set to save the statistics after a shot.So when your opponent is shooting at the goal, just cut off the internet access. Then it can’t be recorded. You reconnect the net and the opposite player needs to attack again. You repeat the activity until it is your turn.And you can decide when you want to finish your solo. Troublesome as it is it’s the most effective way for you to gain a higher score.

Cooperation with an Acquaintance
If you run across a friend in the map of H2H (You cannot have more fans if you make up a league and you must combat with each other within the map), please achieve an agreement with your friend. You are allowed to decide the victory and achieve a win-win situation. And the discrepancy of scores of both sides should be less than 5 points.So there won’t be a great difference of your number of fans.

 nba live mobile-gain a higher score
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