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NBA Live Mobile: Who is the best Dunker in the game?

2017-04-25 09:28:13

Dunking is the best ornamental tricks on basketball court, delivers great visual impact to spectators. But due to the height limitation, most of us can’t dunk or do it well. Besides body reason, dunk still needs lots of practice and skills.
If you are charmed with cool dunking you can use those guys in NBA Live Mobile, whose dunk stats surpasses 95 and if you use them to make dunking will probably have higher success rate!
Five Best Dunker in NBA Live Mobile – All 90+ Dunk Rate
Play for the Miami Heat of NBA, the 27 aged Center Hassan Whiteside scored 24 points, 16 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocks in a 104-90 win against the Los Angeles Clippers for Miami Heat in 2014-15 season. On March 21, he had a 23 point 14 rebound performance in a 112-97 win over the Phoenix Suns. In NBA Live Mobile, he has 97 Dunk Rating.
Darryl Dawkins
The American professional basketball player, most noted for his days with the NBA Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Nets. His nickname, “chocolate Thunder”, was bestowed upon him by Stevie Wonder. He averaged double figures in scoring nine times in his 14 years in NBA career. After Dawkins retired from the NBA, he played briefly with the Harlen Globetrotters and entered coaching, with stops in the American Basketball Association, the United States Basketball League, and Lehigh Carbon Community College. In NBA Live Mobile, he has a dunking rate of 96.
Spud Webb
Webb is notable for winning a slam dunk contest despite being one of the shortest players in NBA history of height 5’7’’. He is currently the President of Basketball Operations for the Texas Legends. Webb won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in 1986 at Dalles’ Reunion Arena and he surprised the media including his teammate and defending dunk champion Dominique Wilkins. In NBA Live Mobile, Webb has 95 Dunking rating.
Shawn Kemp
Kemp was a six-time NBA All-Star and a three-time All-NBA Second Team member. After Kemp’s second NBA season, he got the nickname “Reign Man” after Sonics announcer Kevin Calabro saw a poster with the name and thought it fitting to add to his radio broadcasts. His Dunk rating is 94 in NBA Live Mobile.
Clyde Drexler
Drexler was named one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History. His extraordinary leaping abilities allowed him to be an acrobatic dunker and Drexler participated in numerous NBA All-Star dunk contests during the late eighties. In NBA Live Mobile, he endowed with 93 Dunking rate with 90 OVR.
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