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NBA LIVE shooting skills

2017-12-14 14:05:33

Speaking of "NBA LIVE" game, I have to mention the online game system in the game, this is the game's main game. By completing the goals assigned to an online event, you get a wide variety of rewards. Due to basketball games, a considerable portion of these goals require shots. So, how to operate to be able to guarantee the shooting rate?

Player ability
The ability of different players in "NBA LIVE" has its own emphasis instead of grading. Therefore, an easy way to increase your field goal percentage is to change players who are better at shooting.

As shown in the figure, the player's outside shooting score significantly higher than several other ability values, indicating that he is better at outside shooting, the ball in the corresponding operation passed to him, you can get a higher hit it!

In addition to the unusual type of free throw shooting, basketball shooting score is divided into two types: two-pointers and three-pointers. Not much explanation here, I believe you are crystal clear. Due to the lower shooting percentage from the 3-point shot, in fact, in the game, we need to rely on two-pointers most of the time to score. Well, this has to be aware of: distance.

Yes, in NBA LIVE, the shooting percentage is directly related to the distance between the station and the basket when the player shoots. The closer the distance, the higher the hit rate; the other hand, the hit rate will be reduced. And reflected in the game's display, it is shot when reading the scope will become larger.

Therefore, in the game, if you want to improve their hit rate, the most effective way is to layup, if you can play a dunk, then better. The following figure, it is a classic hands dunk.

Slam dunk hit rate is almost 100%! ! However, the premise is close to the basket to a closer distance, when the distance to meet the requirements, the finger click the sprint button and slide to the shooting button, you can try to make a dunk.

May be a lot of players in the game will be too subdued 2-point score not enough, but also slightly less ornamental. Who do not want to cast a perfect parabola, to remember a standard three-pointers it? But the three-point shooting percentage is closer to the basket than the 2-point shot, of course, to be lower.

But in the game, improve the three-point shooting method is not without. In the shooting, whether there is any defense in front of the hit rate is also a major factor. If no one in front of defense, free throw shooting will naturally improve the! And when the opponent team closely man-mark when the hit rate can be desperate.

Therefore, when you want to cast long-ranged balls, you must pay attention to the defensive situation ahead of the shooters. Trying to select fewer defensive shots can effectively increase your shooting percentage.

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