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New Genshin Impact mini-events related to the Chinese New Year are constantly arriving

2021-02-20 17:10:37

Genshin Impact is giving away 1 billion Primogems for free during the "Wish Upon a Lantern" web event. Although it may seem that each player will get only around 25 Primogems considering there are over 39.3 million users, Primogems will only be split into equal amounts among the eligible participants on the Reward Collection Day and not among all the users in the database.

To be able to participate in the event you must first have reached Adventurer Rank 10 in Genshin Impact. At this point, visit the official website, log in with your PC or smartphone account (Android or iOS) and click on the button below that says "View Quests": a list of small tasks to be carried out to obtain some extra attempts to throw lanterns and get rewards. In the case of objectives that require the sharing of a post on social networks, it is not necessary to complete the operation, but just click on it and then close the window for the system to consider the challenge completed. After completing the simple objectives, click on the blue "Release Lantern" button as many times as there are remaining lanterns to get random rewards.

Genshin Impact Wish Upon a Lantern Web Event
The event involves logging into your Mihoyo account via the event page and doing little daily tasks in exchange for lanterns. The tasks are things like logging in, sharing on social media and visiting their Youtube page. Completing them will earn you lanterns, which you can release into the sky to get rewards like Mora and experience items and enhancement ores.

To take part in the event, players need to register on the event web page. For PlayStation users, the process is a bit different. Players will receive an email on their official email with a link to access the portal. If players are using third-party accounts, then they need to make sure that they have their accounts linked on the miHoYo account page. Scanning the QR code is quite simple. If you have an iOS device, just open the Camera app and point at the QR code. You’ll get a notification on top which will allow you to access the link.

How to redeem your rewards
In order to get all the prizes contained in the lanterns launched, all you have to do is consult the menu of the stakes, in which you will find as many messages as the prizes redeemed. We also remind you that until next February 25, 2021 it will be possible to access the official website of the event every day to complete new challenges and get other free prizes.

The schedule for the Wish Upon A Lantern event goes as follows:

    Lantern Release Times: 19th Feb [13:00]- 25th Feb [23:59] (UTC+8)
    Participants Finalization: 26th Feb
    Reward Collection: 26th Feb [20:00] – 4th March [23:59] (UTC+8)

To participate in the event, players should visit the event web page and login with their MihoYo account to proceed. There is a slightly different method of participation for Genshin Impact players on the PS4 platform.

PS4 players should check their in-game mail for the event invitation via a QR code. Upon scanning the QR code, they will be redirected to the event page for participation.

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