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Old School RuneScape is set to debut on Steam in early 2021

2020-12-24 13:55:29

Buy OSRS Gold Way back in September official announced that Old School RuneScape was coming to Steam. Since then, RuneScape had an incredibly successful release (gratz again!) and we're gearing up to join them. We're still some way from releasing on Steam, but first we really need your help.

As Jagex wants to see how the test runs on live game worlds, the client will not be “safe” in terms of gameplay, meaning that taking part in PvM or PvP and succumbing to death or computer crashes will result in item and wealth loss, so testers should take that into account when participating in deadly activities.


Old School RuneScape is set to debut on Steam in early 2021. It could be January, February or March. The Closed Beta results will definitely matter.

“We can’t wait for you to get stuck in and break it! Tell us what’s wrong, tell us what needs to be fixed, and help make our Steam release awesome!” the studio says. While you wait for OldSchool RuneScape’s arrival on Steam, be sure to take a look at our lists of the best MMORPGs, free MMOs, and upcoming PC games to keep a weather eye out for.

This is where you come in. A Closed Beta test will kick off later today! You can sign up by registering your interest here . The Beta will be conducted through Steam, and chosen testers will be sent an email containing a Steam key and instructions. It's worth noting that at this stage the beta is Windows only. You'll want to know how you can tell whether the email is legit. The email from us will contain your RuneScape name, a Steam key, it'll contain links to our FAQ, and most importantly - it won't ask you to enter your RuneScape login information anywhere!

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