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One major Minecraft content creator being accused of cheating

2020-12-24 10:52:03

Buy Minecraft Coins Earlier this month, popular Minecraft streamer Dream had his recent 1.16 speedrun submission stripped from the leaderboards after Speedrun.com moderators determined that he cheated in this run. According to the mods, this came after a two-month investigation into Dream’s submitted stream. Dream has finally responded to these cheating allegations in his own video. And boy, does it get super technical.

The moderators for Minecraft’s speedrunning leaderboards essentially claim that Dream was somehow manipulating RNG so that Minecraft’s Piglin trading feature would give him the drops he needed faster than normal. Dream has refuted these claims multiple times on his personal Twitter account, claiming the moderation team’s verdict was biased against him. This is mainly because the head moderator of the official Minecraft speedrunning leaderboard, Geosquare, published an in-depth video proving why the RNG in Dream’s past runs would likely never realistically occur, even by chance. In the video, Geosquare compares Dream’s RNG regarding Piglin trading and Blaze Rod drops to other speedruns, showing Dream’s luck with RNG was substantially higher than others.

Dream immediately denied all of the cheating allegations via tweets in which he called the rejection "total BS." Dream accused Geosquare of using his speedrun as clickbait, and later took to Reddit to elaborate on his reaction. "Obviously, I didn't cheat in any way and I plan on making a video to address these things," Dream wrote, adding that his dispute video will take some time to put together. Dream did admit, however, that he understands why the numbers may look suspicious. "They are not numbers you would ever expect to see during a non-glitched series of speedruns," he wrote.

The video in question was uploaded by YouTuber Geosquare along with the mod team on December 11, entitled ‘Did Dream Fake His Speedruns – Official Moderator Analysis.’ In the video he used the official investigation results document from the Minecraft Speedrunning Team to supplement his theory that Dream could have cheated with his speedruns.

All Dream’s report does is point out that the reasons the mods used to discredit Dream were inaccurate. So far, the mods have not responded to Dream’s new report, but Dream isn’t entirely concerned about that. All he wants is for his fans to know that he did not cheat.

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