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Some Interesting and Sharp Complaints Collected From Players of NBA Live Mobile

2017-06-06 09:16:19

Some interesting and sharp complaints of NBA Live Mobile can be found online. Every rose has its thorn. NBA Live Mobile enjoyed great success on the one hand and it will also be criticized at different aspects on the other hand. As a wonderful simulation basketball video game, it is very convenient for players to play on the mobile device. However, the limitations of mobile device bring we players a lot of problems.

Vague Facial Outline of Basketball Stars and Not So Intelligent Operations
The modeling of NBA Live Mobile has been improved a lot compared with NBA Live series. At least their figures are as close as to the real men. However, if you are not so familiar with the basketball stars, you can’t recognize them due to the vague facial outline. So maybe they want to examine whether you are a real fan of NBA. The operations of NBA Live Mobile have been simplified a lot to a large extent while most of players claimed that it is a show of the superstars. Because you can’t choose to alter the control of players according to you will. Sometimes the victory is determined by the natural attributes of a player instead of your operation.
NBA Live Mobile-Vague and Not Intelligent

The Extremely Low Rate of A Free Throw
The gameplay is not reasonable for some NBA fans. Usually a session lasts for 2 minutes. And most players said that even they had played the game for nearly 2 hours they wouldn’t meet with a free throw. Maybe they take the fluency into consideration and have to avoid the arrangement of a free throw. However, it also reduces a lot of fun of the game. NBA Live should at least obey the rule of a real NBA game.
NBA Live Mobile-disobey the rule

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