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The each chapter in Warpath presents players with new challenges

2021-03-18 16:22:43

Lilith Games' strategy game Warpath is now available for iOS and Android following a couple of months of beta testing on the latter platform. It takes place in an alternate version of WW2 that sees players taking command of historically accurate air and land units across a plethora of battlefields.

While plenty of RTS aficionados won’t be entirely blown away by the Command & Conquer mechanics of this new small screen title, Warpath is still be worth a look. We had a peek at the new trailer for this combat title, above, and there certainly seems to be everything that you might expect form a big screen outing on the beaches of Normandy. Warpath offers up plenty of different ways to take on the Raven faction with an extensive array of realistic WWII units, from infantry and armor to artillery and airpower. There is plenty of room for expansion too, with upgrades to these combatants and plenty of different command options on offer. Where AFK arena is all about the preparation, this time around you’ll need to be prepared to scrap your plans and command on the fly. Thankfully you’ll be able to lean on your officers who can unlock some extra special abilities and turn the tide of battle.

You start with a small militia, although you will have to quickly expand your forces if you want to stand a chance against the dreaded Raven faction, which has one main goal: total world domination.

There is the usual mix of infantry, armored vehicles, artillery, and air power to collect and upgrade over time. You can take control of any unit at any time to engage in real-time warfare, or you can choose to leave them to their own devices while you establish a long-term strategy.

Each chapter in Warpath presents players with new challenges to overcome as the hard-hitting plot takes combatants through authentic campaigns spread across a range of cities and terrain types. The story further unfolds with every dynamic real-time battle, revealing new areas to explore and conquer. As the global conflict grows, players must forge new alliances from a roster of unique officers whose unique powers can turn the tide of battle.  These include the medic Florence Borden who's Combat First Aid increases infantry recovery speed, and ace pilot Jean Dufort who can scout the surrounding environment to deliver an extra strategic advantage. Players can also form powerful alliances with other human players to boost their chances of victory and share in the spoils of war.

For a free to play offering, Warpath seems surprisingly well armed. A range of challenges present themselves as players progress and this battlefield excursion even offers up a story mode to boot. Of course, we all want to see if there’s an option to go head to head and crush your enemies too.

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