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The Pros and Cons of NBA Live Mobile Since Its Publication

2017-05-31 09:44:06

Once upon a time, live series was the king in the field of basketball games. Then another tiger—2K series appeared to occupy this field. So EA Sports transferred their attention to mobile device. Luckily, they made it. NBA Live Mobile enjoyed great popularity among those who prefer to mobile device. However, there are also some problems. It is time for we to do an analysis of the pros and cons of NBA Live Mobile.
NBA Live Mobile

First, it is very convenient for NBA fans to enjoy themselves in the game. You are able to play anywhere and anytime as you like. The game even has no strict demand for the device storage. So anyone is able to download it. The most important thing is that they are quiet different from games of the same type. The graphics is better than them and the operation is also not as annoying as some games. What’s more, the modeling is better than the past live series. The figures of players are much more normal. 
 NBA Live Mobile-Graphics 

There is no memory of data. So after you finish a fantastic show with your favorite players you will have no answer about your exact grade. This means you will lose a lot of fun to show off your success to your friends. The graphics is not as bad as some games while it is not able to be compared with some games that have a high standard of graphics. For example, you will see the sweat or blush of some players within some games. However, you cannot enjoy them on NBA Live Mobile. According to all the pros and cons, we still think NBA Live Mobile is worth playing in your spare time. After all you can be with it without being restricted to space and time.
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