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Those Guys Will Never Make 3 Points in NBA Live Mobile

2017-04-13 08:55:18

NBA Live Mobile is a basketball game on iOS/Android. Developed by EA Sports, published in September 2016, the game has numerous young basketball fans around the world due to its convenient operation and easy to get start. Depends on the official NBA database, NBA Live Mobile reproduce the sport perfectly on mobiles.
Speed, Dribbling, 3 Pointer, Shooting, Defense and Passing are the six crucial attributes for players in NBA Live Mobile. Depends on the Lineups, different role of players requires different abilities. For example, a power forward needs more Shooting than Defense while a point guard needs more Defense rating. 3 Pointer is the most ornamental and most efficient scoring way that was a special concern point through a long time. Who’s the worst 3 pointer maker in the history of NBA Live Mobile? Here we collect and comb the information about the ‘worst 3 pointer’ in the game, for whom you should never expect to cast a three-point shot ever.
Worst 3-Point Players in NBA Live Mobile
Nick Collison – OVR 62 – 3PT 41
Despite of his three-points in the 84-114 loss against the Los Angeles Clippers in 3 November 2004, he owns an OVR of 62 with only 41 3-pt rating. The American professional basketball player played for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the NBA. Use him soberly before you wanna cast a 3-pt, or you will prob lost a great chance of scoring.
Udonis Haslem – OVR 60 – 3PT 33
The American point forward was short for stats of Dribbling, Shooting, Passing, Defense and most obvious 3-point. A rating of 33 three-point player makes gamer upset and despair when the ball in Haslem’s hand. Try to avoid him from casting 3pt and make use of his 64 spend to send off the ball to any others.
Sonny Weems – OVR 55 – 3PT 28
We see a 0.406 3P% (according to wiki) in his Regular season in Phoenix 2016, pretty decent marks in NBA matches. But in the NBA Live Mobile, the data may be a random lies and falsehoods at all, we don’t care that. Same with Haslem, this guy was proud of his moving speed but never scores from 3pt. His heinous 28 rating 3pt will certainly deliver the ball into anywhere but basket. Fortunately, his 77 dribbling and 67 Passing saved him. 
JaMychal Green – OVR 59 – 3PT 23
This guy has never scoring 3pt in both 2015 & 2015 playoffs for Memphis. That’s maybe the reason why he got a 23 rating of his 3pt in NBA Live Mobile. Probably because he is too fast to stand steady enough to cast a long shot. Actually he’d done a good job in the rest 5 aspects. We know that he has led Montgomery’s St. Jude to the Class A State Championship in 2006 and 2008.
Jarnell Stokes – OVR 59 – 3PT 20
Stokes was ranked as the No.11 overall prospect by Rivals.com and No.18 by ESPN.com. But today we topic is the 3-Points. He even never makes a 3pt during 2014~2017 Regular season, which endow him with a astounding 20 rating of 3pt. I’ve never find anyone whose 3pt lower than him. You will struggle to cast even an air ball by Stokes. His 3pt may kill a photographer or a fan of him or his coach standing aside the court. How can he handle a smile like that with that 3pt?
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