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Tips for NBA Live Mobile Players: Recovery of Strength and Acquisition of Coins

2017-05-12 09:33:32

If you have ever played NBA Live Mobile (IOS or Android),you must be troubled with the problems that bother other players the same. Usually when you enjoy yourself in the battle with your opponents, suddenly you will be reminded of the lack of strength. Then you have to wait for its recovery in a very low speed which really ruins your feelings. What’s more, the most significant thing in the game—coins of which the amount largely determines who you will obtain at an auction or in the transfer market. So you must learn to earn more coins.

 NBA Live Mobile

Recovery of Strength

As we all know the strength point increase one per 10 minutes. That’s too low to carry on our matches. There are too solutions for your strength point.One is simple and another needs your wise judgment and excellent operations. First, you can recharge your account in NBA cash. If you are a an veteran you will gain 200 NBA cash once you update your game version. It is a pretty good choice to make use of them to recharge. Second, learn to take advantage of the mechanism of the game. It means that you’d better well control your opportunity of upgrading. It is beneficial for you to upgrade when your strength points are just one left.So you become full and then you are able to complete daily tasks.

nba live mobile-strength

Acquisition of Coins
If you are really rich and care nothing about your money then the suggestion is meaningless for you. You are allowed to buy coins directly. There exist two means if you are not willing to pay much for the coins. The first is buying some gold card footballers at a low price and selling them with a higher one. So it takes you much time to find those cheap gold cards. The second is that you’d better to collect some red card for basketball fans. For example, the red Kobe card.And those retired red superstars card are all worth collecting. Or you can draw cards in the store.You will gain a red card if you are lucky enough.

nba live mobile-red card
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