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World of Tanks is bringing free-to-play FPS Caliber to the west

2020-02-25 10:09:27

Wargaming.net, well known for World of Tanks, is bringing their free-to-play FPS Caliber to the west. Expect a beta soon.

Wargaming announced Caliber at the end of December 2016, with alpha testing beginning in 2017. After rigorous testing in CIS countries, they will unveil the game to western audiences at Gamescom 2019. It is likely that players will be able to try out the game in closed beta before it goes fully free-to-play.

Caliber is a 4v4 team-based tactical shooter, with four soldier classes, each with their own set of skills. The game offers PvP as well as PvE, where you fight AI-controlled enemies.

If the tactical part wasn't indicator enough, Wargaming stressed that tactics will be key and that teamwork will win battles, and we're anxious to see what they have in store. Assault class are the mobile ones, and their assault rifle means they excel at medium range. As the name suggests, they don't sit in drum circles - their forte is attacking. In addition, our site z2u.com has a large quantity of safe WOT Gold For Sale.

Caliber's Support class is "heavily armed and sturdy", although we're not exactly sure whether sturdy refers to armour or health pool. This is not Overwatch's support, mind you, so it's not a medic. Wargaming wrote that Supports provide suppressive fire and judging by the images, it's some sort of large magazine bullet-hose.

Marksmen are Caliber's snipers, and as you'd expect - we're talking about sniper-wielding, long-range shooters. Surely everyone's favourite enemy in just about every FPS, no? Last but not least is the Medic, whose job is to heal his Caliber teammates and carry medication. As for their weaponry, Wargaming said Medics are "menacing at close range", and they obviously carry submachine guns, which traditionally suck when the enemy is far away.
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