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World of Warcraft is altering the deal on game time purchases, settling on just 60-day increments

2021-03-27 09:13:21

Blizzard has announced a change in the way players of their popular World of Warcraft MMORPG can buy "game time." Bornakk community manager has revealed that as of today, World of Warcraft players will only be able to purchase subscriptions in multiples of 60 days, which automatically means that the option to purchase game time worth 30 days will disappear from the offer, as will the option to purchase 90 and 180 days (60 days of game time will cost you $ 29.99). This change did not affect the standard subscription, which can be purchased monthly / quarterly or semi-annually.

Understandably, players are not too keen at having fewer purchase options and have taken to the forums and Reddit to complain.

“This really doesn’t sit well, just a blatant money gouging tactic,” one player said. “Why should we magically be forced to commit to two months at a time if we chose not to go the route of an active sub? They are just trying to push players towards [subscribing] because they know any reoccurring subscription that automatically charges you.”

Change can make using bots more difficult
According to WoWHead, the change can make using bots more difficult. Robots usually farm gold to acquire WoW Tokens - an item that can be purchased in-game and exchanged for a balance of R $ 35 on Battle.net. Thus, it was possible to use a card to pay for the 30-day pass. With fewer game time options available in the store, the number of users using the illegal method is expected to decrease.

Purchasing game time was a way for players to experience World of Warcraft without committing to a recurring subscription payment plan. As of today, players who wish to continue this model of payment will only be able to buy game time in 60-day chunks at 29.99 USD.

However, the players' reaction can in no way be described as positive and the primary criticism has been to eliminate the 30-day opportunity. Many of them prefer to buy a smaller number of days and do not pay a monthly subscription, and the removal of the 30-day option quite significantly limits their options, because they are forced to buy twice as many days.

Buying after 60 days is standard on most paid MMO games, but there are fewer options for players and the Blizzard forum is full of players who don't understand why this change was made at all and where they vent their frustration.

Subscription with automatic renewal is cheaper
In October 2020, Blizzard reduced the price of World of Warcraft subscriptions in Brazil. Before being removed, the 30-day pass cost R $ 35 reais. With automatic renewal, this price drops to R $ 32. When subscribing to the quarterly or half-yearly package, the cost per month changes to R $ 29 and R $ 24.83, respectively.

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